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Are cooking lessons the way to beat childhood obesity? Cook School is in I Paper today! If you'd like to get involved please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you...
Recipes for everyday

Toffee meringues

Who’d believe that something this yummy can be made out of egg whites? You only need 3 ingredients – golden caster sugar, light soft brown sugar and egg whites. They’re crisp on the outside with a soft, fudgey toffee centre. Recipe taken from one of my cookbooks.

It’s so exciting to see what you’ve cooked from my books, please keep sharing your pics and comments with me. If you’ve friends or family living abroad, it might be handy to know that they’re now available in nine countries, including America and Japan. Here’s my latest, the award-winning Kids in the Kitchen. This gorgeous photo was taken by Anita Barratt.

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